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Say “goodbye” to the current paradigm of physical stores and omnichannel retail, and say “hello” to OMO, or online merging with offline experiences. In this Advantage co-production, Dan O’Connor offers key insights into the marketplace shifts, consumer behavior changes and technological capabilities that will help you plan for 2021 and beyond.

"We have been in an industry rotation from physical stores to omnichannel retail which is now giving way to OMO – Online merging with Offline experiences” Dan O’Connor, Executive in Residence, HBS Managing the Future of Work"

Watch the new video featuring Dan O’Connor, in his conversation with Milan Turk, GM of the Future of Commerce Initiative’s Commercial Innovation Accelerator. Produced in collaboration with Advantage Solutions, this video is a thought-provoking way to start your business year and will enable better strategic choices for executives across demand generation, supply chain, data and technology and organizational development areas.

2020 has been a challenging year filled with marketplace shifts and consumer behavior changes! In this conversation, Dan outlines key insights that will be vital to planning a commercial action plan for 2021 and beyond. With the objective of enabling individuals and organizations to form a vision and strategy for future commercial success, the video explores insights:

  • The economic outlook for 2021 is hopeful and driven by several key variables.
  • Key technology capabilities that will differentiate successful retailers who are operating stores as well as developing their platform and marketplace solutions
  • An understanding of OMO - the best known OMO platforms are global but the success of these models is driven by local network effects.