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Tyson Halloween


Bring Tyson in on the Halloween Festivities

At Halloween, shoppers go all out with creative costumes and decorations. But when it comes to food, they don’t immediately think of the frozen meats/poultry aisle and refrigerated meat aisle. Instead, they stick to simple snacks when planning their Halloween parties. So, we decided to insert ourselves into the Halloween hoopla by making Tyson a top-of-mind brand for Halloween party planning.

  • Everyone wants to think they’re creative, especially around Halloween where creative “escape” is done together with family/friends, shared and put on display.

  • I want to show off my Halloween creativity but need a little nudge of inspiration and easy ideas for my gathering and wonder if Tyson is right for creating unique spooky treats together.

  • Make it fun to make it. Halloween is a fun “escape holiday” for shoppers and hosting it should be a privilege, not a chore. Tyson is here to unlock their food creativity, making it fun and easy to make spooky snacks together. Bring excitement to the kitchen with Halloween food inspiration that’s as fun to make as it is to eat.

Meet the Tyson Boo Guru

Our charming hostess showed shoppers how to scare up easy treats that were both delicious and playful enough to enhance the Halloween spirit at any spooky get together.

NATIONAL program

We developed a national program that could be tailored to needs of individual retailers. With a mix of delicious Halloween recipes, recipe-build GIFs, and other engaging content, shoppers interacted with the Boo Guru throughout their purchase journey.

Evite Promotion

Walmart shoppers host parties that are larger than your typical get-together, so we teamed up with e-vite to help them manage their hosting duties.

Pandora Partnership

We discovered that Kroger shoppers are big music lovers, so we partnered with Pandora to make sure Tyson made it onto their Halloween party prep list.



  • Microsite traffic increase YoY at Walmart

  • CTR for Mummy Corndog recipe

  • Reported sales lift from Sam’s Club digital media

  • impressions delivered for Kroger ecommerce

  • Facebook Ad recall – double our benchmark

  • expected impressions and 33k redemptions from Ibotta test and learn


Gaining support from key retailer partners and generating shopper excitement with the unique and relatable Boo Guru, Tyson executed a compelling Halloween program that drove incremental sales during the month of October.

Despite historic October volume lulls in participating brands, Tyson’s Halloween portfolio event exceeded aggressive expectations. Participating brands saw an astonishing total volume lift of 11% vs. Prior year, or 183% to goal. Further, the program delivered a strong 1.22 dollar ROI—126% to goal—as measured by independent party, Foresight ROI.