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Playtex Sport STAY

The Challenge

Playtex Sport had an uphill battle to face with their line extension launch of pads, liners, and combo packs. With this new innovation and Walmart’s belief in the items, Playtex Sport was awarded multiple endcaps throughout the year and increased points of distribution on the new forms. However the brand under-delivered vs. expectations.

Our objective was to develop a Walmart exclusive, value-driven strategy that looked beyond traditional everyday low prices to counteract potential share loss for tampons at Walmart and help Playtex Sport disproportionately win.

  • “I love my active lifestyle and I don’t want my period to stand in my way, so when I’m shopping for feminine care I just grab the same product that I know and trust has always worked.”

  • She’d say it’s an unwanted chore and often embarrassing to be in the aisle for our category.

  • Our strategy was to communicate Playtex’s superior benefits, our exclusive value at Walmart and partnership with Rimmel mascara to deliver what young female millennial shoppers really found valuable: a beauty bonus. Playtex tampons and Rimmel mascara were the powerful pair that allowed her to keep moving!


Massively successful, our Playtex program grew the tampons segment at Walmart, grew share for the Playtex brand and delivered double-digit sales lifts for both Playtex Sport and our partner, Coty.


  • Playtex Sport $ sales growth during promo period – nearly 4X the goal of +10% vs. YA

  • Playtex Sport share growth at Walmart– 250% above the +.8 pts goal

  • % Sales growth for our partner Coty/Rimmel vs. YA. Rimmel saw a 161% lift vs. YA on hero SKU


  • Impressions amongst Walmart Shoppers

  • Digital / Social Engagements

  • Sell-through rate (vs. goal of 20%)


  • Stores scored incremental displays

  • Grew Walmart tampons segment share of market by 1 pt. vs. YA (double the +0.5 share point goal for the program)

    We transformed Walmart’s FemCare category & set the stage for future busines growth