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Tyson Master Your

The Situation

With the expansion of grilling tastes and products, private-label brands have been vying for and winning space on the grill. It meant that Tyson was seeing headwinds of declining volume in certain regions due to higher price points and lack of promotional activity. Our task was to stem the decline with an overarching platform that could then be customized to “win the season” at nine customers.

  • Tyson is known for grilling, but to grow our categories, we needed to look beyond the expected peaks of Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. It was time to look beyond just backyard grilling on those days.

  • Summer is not a season; it’s a lifestyle—packed with activities and occasions ripe for meal solutions and inspiration.

  • Shoppers see higher price points than private label, and the frequency of the season doesn’t always make us the go-to.

  • We’ll move beyond the backyard BBQ pairing meals with activities—embracing the micro-occasions of summer amplified by the quality ingredients and personal stamp that Tyson invites shoppers to bring.


The Master Your Summer campaign successfully drove growth for our portfolio of brands at our focus retailers, surpassing prior year’s successful shopper activity and curbing the headwinds of the private-label threat. Additionally, our focus retailers outpaced MULO (multi-outlet/national market), showcasing the platform’s strength.


  • Category dollar sales growth vs. YAG across focus retaile

  • Increased dollars per buyer for focus retailers

  • Non-holiday week growth vs. holiday week growth for focus retailers

  • Increased dollars per trip for focus retailers


  • YOY increased dollars per trip (+$0.24) and YOY increased dollars per buyer (+$0.57

  • WMT receipt uploads

  • Earned over 600 million media impressions in 8 weeks

  • Social influencer impressions at key retailers ABCO and WMT


  • Tyson summer programs will continue for a 4th year in a row, lengthening the drive period in two phases: Sun Belt and summer) to help extend the season and provide geographic relevance

  • Secured incremental displays in 2,500 Walmart stores for 8 weeks with additional bunker displays in Meijer and ABCO

  • Awarded 2 aisle reinvention projects for Tyson with Kroger and Walmart