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From the beginning, we've been an agency rooted in retail. That work has given us deep and meaningful relationships across 100+ retailers, and inside insights that lead to more impactful work. We can also anticipate the constant disruption happening, both in the store and with our consumers and shoppers. When you give that advantage to a team that's built around making things happen, that's how you get a truly connected experience.

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24 Advantage WomenHonored As Grocery Leaders

Each year, Progressive Grocer honors the vital role that women play in the food retail industry with the Women in Grocery Awards. We are proud to share that twenty-four leaders at Advantage, including CEO Tanya Domier, were named Top Women in Grocery in 2020. Learn more about the Progressive Grocer Women in Grocery awards and the Advantage leaders who were honored this year.

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Say “goodbye” to the current paradigm of physical stores and omnichannel retail, and say “hello” to OMO, or online merging with offline experiences. In this Advantage co-production, Dan O’Connor offers key insights into the marketplace shifts, consumer behavior changes and technological capabilities that will help you plan for 2021 and beyond.

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Discovering Do Moments For Brands

Today, consumers are holding brands to a higher standard than ever before, demanding them to take a stance on important issues and to enact positive change. Find out how your brand can step up, speak out, and remain culturally relevant during this new era of marketing.